Monday, March 30, 2009

Socialism Is Now

You know what happens when government gets into bed with business? Nothing good. It's called Socialism--a term that over the past forty years has been over-used, missapplied and consequently watered down.

Until last night's breaking General Motors news, AIG had been the most recent and glaring example of the U.S. government's abortion of capitalism.

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Hopefully I don't have to convince you of why the President of these United States of America shouldn't be in the business of hiring and firing employees of private companies. Just in case I do, though, forget for a minute the obvious: that socialism leads to fascism or communism (Nazis and Soviets), that socialism leaves no motivation for producers or high acheivers who create jobs and economic growth.

The thing that socialists should be most catious about it playing class war games. Both Ds and Rs have been doing it for, I don't know, probably around 150 years. But now that they aren't even trying to hide their socialist agenda any more, they run a potentially deadly risk by trying to recruit "the worker" to their cause, gaining pluralistic support.

Why "deadly?" There are always going to be more workers than employers. And if enough of the workers are pissed off enough to elect representatives who forgoe free market principles, then they aren't that far away from being pissed off enough to commit acts of violence on others who they perceive as oppressors.

Case in point: French workers holding Sony and 3M executives hostage. "Locking up managers is becoming a tradition in French labor disputes, with police unwilling to intervene to avoid violence."
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Of course Obama's government had no problem appointing a new CEO for AIG. As the largest shareholder, Obama had all kinds of legal authority. But there is NO WAY--none, zero, nada, I don't care how much money they borrowed from the gov't--he can reasonably justify a de facto firing of GM's CEO. And how the hell is it going to help anyway? Let GM's board make the hiring and firing decisions--not some politician who's closest connection to the auto biz is picking the leather color in his Presidential limo.

Obama said in his press conference today that Wagoner had to go because GM couldn't produce a good enough restructuring plan. He said the same damn thing about Chrysler. Why isn't their CEO fired?

Thankfully my hope is resting comfortably on sure footing. My hope is based on God's proven faithfulness.

I love my country and I believe in my fellow citizens. I believe they will wake up. I also know that nations rise and fall. So far, no nation has lasted forever, but God's love for us will. We were born disconnected from Him; and our live's work is to repair that connection because that is what brings peace.

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