Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oyarsa, here we come.

This, from C.S. Lewis' book Out of the Silent Planet, struck me last night as being appropriate.

The main character, Ransom, is stranded on an alien planet and has lost his new friend to a bullet that was meant for himself. Ransom is now on a painful journey away from the attackers, toward a creature called Oyarsa.

"He looked back on that time as on a nightmare, on his own mood at that time as sort of sickness. Then all had been whimpering, unanalysed, self-nourishing, self-consuming dismay. Now, in the clear light of an accepted duty, he felt fear indeed, but with it a sober sense of confidence in himself and in the world, and even an element of pleasure. It was the difference between a landsman in a sinking ship and a horesman on a bolting horse: either may be killed, but the horseman is an agent as well as a patient."

There are battles that lie ahead in a war over which God has promised victory.

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